Thanks Tim and Dave. It was not very clear in the docs, but I looked
at the latest docs from the library I use (from jmathai) and I did
find that he documented how to use this. I am up and running now from
multiple domains.



On Dec 8, 4:07 am, Dave-twiends <> wrote:
> Hi Tim, I'm pretty sure the oauth_verifier is documented in their
> oAuth articles.. I'm speeking from memory here, but I'm sure I saw
> last week when we were investigating our own oAuth issues..
> But, nonetheless, you are correct, oauth_verifier should be passed
> back every time.
> Dave
> Twiends
> On Dec 8, 2:27 am, Tim Bull <> wrote:
> > There is a required OAuth parameter step which is unclearly documented
> > by Twitter. When Twitter returns from your /oauth/authorize It returns
> > an oauth_verifier token. Make sure that you pass this oauth_verifier
> > token (along with the other parameters) along to
> > your /oauth/access_token call.
> > Make sure you are passing this oauth_verifier in and see how you go.
> > I've found that if you DON'T set a callback, it doesn't enforce the
> > verifier, but if you do, then the verifier is essential (just be aware
> > Twitter are planning to change to always require this in the future, so
> > it's more compliant with the spec; worth making this change regardless,
> > a lot of Twitter libraries don't implement it).
> > Hope this helps...
> > Tim

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