It is mentioned in passing and buried in some documents which discuss
the full flow, but if you're relying on Twitter's own API
documentation (http://dev.twitter.com/doc/post/oauth/access_token)
you'll not see a single mention of the oauth_verifier here.  Nor will
you see oauth_callback mentioned here 

I think it would be more useful to the community if Twitter did a more
complete job of describing the flow and parameters supported and
required on each of their own end points which is where most people
look first, even if they are implicitly supporting these parameters
because they comply with oauth and therefore documented elsewhere.


On Dec 8, 8:07 pm, Dave-twiends <i...@davesumter.com> wrote:
> Hi Tim, I'm pretty sure the oauth_verifier is documented in their
> oAuth articles.. I'm speeking from memory here, but I'm sure I saw
> last week when we were investigating our own oAuth issues..
> But, nonetheless, you are correct, oauth_verifier should be passed
> back every time.
> Dave
> Twiends
> On Dec 8, 2:27 am, Tim Bull <tim.b...@binaryplex.com> wrote:
> > There is a required OAuth parameter step which is unclearly documented
> > by Twitter. When Twitter returns from your /oauth/authorize It returns
> > an oauth_verifier token. Make sure that you pass this oauth_verifier
> > token (along with the other parameters) along to
> > your /oauth/access_token call.
> > Make sure you are passing this oauth_verifier in and see how you go.
> > I've found that if you DON'T set a callback, it doesn't enforce the
> > verifier, but if you do, then the verifier is essential (just be aware
> > Twitter are planning to change to always require this in the future, so
> > it's more compliant with the spec; worth making this change regardless,
> > a lot of Twitter libraries don't implement it).
> > Hope this helps...
> > Tim

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