There is a previous post about this from 9/2010 without any response
and I feared reply there would go unnoticed, so here is a new post

I cannot get a response json or xml that contains the documented
next_cursor and previous_cursor. And without these, there is no way to
get the full list for users with more followers than the API will
return in a single response. Here are two example twurl links to
illustrate this issue:

- json for user_id 158414847 (@TheDailyShow): long_twurl_link
- xml for user_id 158414847 (@TheDailyShow): another_long_twurl_link
Here are the results (abridged):

[ 14784309, 223112592, 184849648, 147520179, 210794450, 221171315,
169841576, 208912350, 106867628,

... 7384292,

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <ids> <id>14784309</id>
<id>223112592</id> <id>184849648</id> <id>147520179</id>

<!-- ... -->
<id>7203292</id> <id>6633982</id> <id>6609302</id> <id>6369362</id>


As you can see, neither have the cursor fields. This is now a
showstopper for my current project and I need a solution fast. Any
workarounds out there would be very helpful as I cannot find a way
around this at all, but I cannot imagine that all apps out there are
just as busted as mine right now.

-- robbie

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