Ok, thanks! I'm going to try that.


On 12 dec, 20:14, Tom van der Woerdt <i...@tvdw.eu> wrote:
> The "best" way is to urlencode() the key and secret separately, and then
> separating them with a space.
> Tom
> On 12/12/10 8:07 PM, jaronbarends wrote:
> > I have a webapp in php without any database associated with it. I'm
> > just saving the user's (encrypted) oAuth token and token secret in two
> > separate cookies. Now I want to build in multi-user support, and I'm
> > wondering what would be the best way to store the multiple tokens and
> > secrets.
> > My idea is to keep two cookies: oauth_tokens and token_secrets. I
> > would then take the two oauth tokens, concatenate them with an
> > ampersand, encrypt them and put them in a cookie (and the same for the
> > secrets).
> > As far as I know, oauth tokens and secrets can not contain any
> > ampersands, but I'm not sure. so:
> > 1) Does anyone know if ampersands can occur in tokens or secrets?
> > 2) Do you think this is a good idea, or would you tackle it otherwise?
> > Thanks!

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