I have read previously that JQuery is loaded when using vanilla
@anywhere to ensure that a properly tested and approved version of
JQuery is served for the @anywhere platform.

I completely agree with this procedure when a standard/non-programmer
type user is implementing it.

It falls down when you are a more capable web developer and is already
referencing JQuery from either google or directly. I've found that it
affects how my pages are loading and impacts on performance and
compatibility directly.

If you are doing this you are already going to be checking to see if
the functionality is still all working and thus would negate the need
to serve JQuery twice especially when the version numbers are out a
little (@anywhere 1.4.2 vs JQuery 1.4.4)

It would be great if we could switch off the reference if you know
what you are doing or supply a version that does not reference it at



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