Hi all,

First off apologies if this has already been covered somewhere, but
I've been struggling to find the correct nomenclature and therefore
haven't been able to find anything relevant with a search.

I'm using OAuth to connect Twitter users with my app and it's all
working great. However I noticed this week that when I use my Twitter
account to log in at (for example) TwitBlock (http://
www.twitblock.org/) I am instantly redirected back to the app because
I have already approved access for this application. Conversely, when
I log into my own application I get presented with the "Authorize
Access" Twitter page regardless of whether or not I've already
approved my app for access.

Am I missing a setting somewhere? I've already selected "use Twitter
for login" as suggested by a friend, but this doesn't seem to have
changed anything (I made this change about ten minutes ago).

This is a CakePHP app and the library I'm using for OAuth is this one
(http://code.42dh.com/oauth/), FYI.

Please let me know if I can help by providing any further info. Thanks
for reading!


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