No, you don't need authorization for that.

To help you debug these issues, we need these values :
* Your request (it's safe to include everything you replaced with #keyvalue#, just don't include any "secrets" (keys are fine))
 * The Base String used to generate the signature


On 12/16/10 5:26 PM, Erik Bloem wrote:

I am trying to establish my first connection to twitter using .NET. I
get the following error when I use the demo project from internet that
is using a webrequest: "Unauthorized".


(I replaced the real values by #keyvalue# ....)

I created my app in and used the consumer key and
consumer secret from there.

Anybody knows what could be the reason. I read somewhere I would need
authorization by sending a mail to Is this true? Or
could the reason be something else?

Thank you very much in advance for any response,


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