Twitter website does a great job detecting http and https links in
statuses and makes clickable links for them. However uncommon URI
schemes, like the ones with mailto, ftp, openmaps, etc. names don't
get recognized and users can't click on those. I think adding this
would make the user experience more fluid.

It is important that the regex should be a general one, that matches
links like this also: openmaps://n/957085286 (taken from this status!/zssz/statuses/7396822796476416).

In case you are wondering what the openmaps:// link is: It is an URI
scheme that OpenMaps for iOS app uses. The openmaps://n/957085286 link
for example identifies a place of in the app. If you
tap on that then OpenMaps launches and it shows you that place where
you can comment on it via Twitter, calculate the route to there, add
it to your contacts, send the link to it via email to your friends,
edit the place, etc. You get the main idea.

Best regards,
Zsombor Szabo
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