While using the Android App Inventor I ran across an issue that I
can't seem to figure out. I confirmed it isn't the problem of the the
inventor tool before posting, but you'll need to forgive my noob-ness
to this particular api.

What I was trying to accomplish:
Using the method SearchTwitter for a string of Zippy The Pinhead's
tweets (which are all tagged #zippythepinhead by the bot)

What goes wrong:
No data is returned

How I tested that it isn't in my app:
Using a more generic string of #zippy I get a whole bunch of stuff.
So I went to the actual twitter site and repeated the searches with
the twitter search tool.
#zippythepinhead returns nothing. #zippy returns lots of stuff.
To further test I went the the users page of tweets and directly
clicked on the #zippythepinhead tag.This also returns no data.

So my question is why is this broken? Does it exceed a character

Thanks for your consideration.

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