For clarification, I had intended to say "from_user_id", as the
username is returned properly.

On Dec 22, 9:42 am, Corey Ballou <> wrote:
> I just wanted to bring group-wide awareness to the fact that search
> results from Twitter do not return an actual user_id. This has been a
> known defect (and yes, I do believe it's a *very large* defect) going
> on over 2 years now.
> This is a call to arms to get this shit fixed. I can't believe it's
> marked as an "enhancement". There's nobody else to blame for providing
> a return param of "from_user" that doesn't actually map to an actual
> user.  For those of us storing relational data, you're costing
> precious API calls for those users who are still utilizing the search
> API. The streaming API is not sufficient for all use cases, so that's
> not a valid answer.
> Below is the direct link to the issue tracker.

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