I'm sure I came off a little strong in the initial post; unfortunately
for me google groups doesn't supply an edit button. I think there is
still a grain of merit to the request to fix the issue, regardless of
the API being free. I'm interest in knowing the trade-offs of Twitter
essentially requiring third party apps to make subsequent calls to
users/lookup for each unique user in a batch of results. The current
problem I see, from Twitter's end, is that the subsequent call returns
far more data than necessary.  It's doubling the RTTs on both ends and
creating an excessive amount of bandwidth for a trivial amount of
data.  I've got to imagine there's a number of cache misses going on
due to the frequency of user updates and pulling the latest tweet, so
it would seem rather costly.

On Dec 22, 4:33 pm, Robbie Coleman <rob...@robnrob.com> wrote:
> I think twitter's response to this call to arms should be the HTTP Status
> Code: 420 - Chill
> ;-}

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