I'm testing /1/account/settings.json method and getting the following response:
        "sleep_time": {
                "enabled": false, 
                "start_time": null, 
                "end_time": null
        "trend_location": [
                        "countryCode": null, 
                        "url": "http://where.yahooapis.com/v1/place/1";, 
                        "country": "", 
                        "name": "Worldwide", 
                        "placeType": {
                                "code": 19, 
                                "name": "Supername"
                        "woeid": 1
        "geo_enabled": true
To me, sleep_time/enabled is always false.
What does the element mean and how do I enable this feature?

Thanks in advance,
Yusuke Yamamoto

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