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> Hello everyone,
> Although this is probably not the best list to discuss this, perhaps you
> guys have some experience to share.
> A friend of mine is being threated by a Twitter user via DMs and public
> messages.
> He doesn't know the identity of the user and thought about tracking him via
> the IP he uses to post to Twitter.

Have your friend report the user to our Trust and Safety team. With regards
to private user data, such as IP addresses:

Private information requires a subpoena or court order

In accordance with our Privacy Policy <https://twitter.com/privacy> and Terms
of Service <https://twitter.com/tos>, non-public information about Twitter
users is not released unless we have received a subpoena, court order, or
other valid legal process document. Some information we store is
automatically collected, while other information is provided at the user’s
discretion.  Though we do store this information, it may not be accurate if
the user has created a fake or anonymous profile. Twitter doesn’t require
email verification or identity authentication.

See here for reporting guidelines and our Abusive user policy



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