We are working on a product which will do searches on twitter from a
certain server system. We are yet to take a decision whether the searches
will be anonymous(Non-authenticated) or authenticated.

The decision is subject to limitations on search results using twitter
search / streaming apis. I was hoping if you could provide info or
references based which provide the information. We hope to have substantial
number of unique search (pattern) queries from a particular ip-addresses.
Although , the users by themselves are expected to have much lesser queries.
We are willing to put a limit of < 30 per hour for the search queries which
are authenticated.

Please advise on the specs . We do expect that twitter will get many new
users after our product is launched. Educated guesses will also be useful
for us in making a design decision  :)

a) Search vs streaming
b) anonymous vs authenticated

Umashankar Das

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