Hi, I'm developing an application using the Twitter Ruby gem in Rails,
and was wondering whether there was a way to return the number of
tweets containing a certain hashtag?

I'm looking to display random tweets on a page which contain a
particular hashtag (I know there are issues with hashtag abuse, but
this is an internal application) when being pulled in from a Twitter
Search API call.

I can display a random tweet using the following code, but how would
you go about modifying it so that the maximum random is the number of
search results? So if there were 2500 results on one query but 30,000
on another, is there a way to change the random max dynamically based
on the number available?

>> search.hashtag("somehashtag").since_id("2011-01-01").until_date("2011-01-11").result_type("recent").per_page(1).page(rand(1500))

Setting the random as 1,000,000 and then looping through when you hit
an HTTP error probably isn't the best approach ;)

Thanks for any help!


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