The app is a competition system, so really I need to try and retrieve
all entries of a hashtag if possible (but if it's not possible, then
other comp systems mustn't either, surely?)

Thanks for the suggestions - might try and utilise DataSift for it.

On Jan 13, 1:04 am, "@Red_Eyes" <> wrote:
> The maximum number of tweets you can return per page is 100. If you return
> all the pages available you can get to around 1,500 max. These limits are
> defined in the search API documentation. 
> (
> You may be better either looking at the streaming API and hope some of the
> Tweets you are looking for turn up, or use your random number generator to
> search "n" times and pull back 100 Tweets at a go. You would have to set an
> interval between searches otherwise you are likley to pull back the same
> Tweet more than once, especially if it is a seldom used hashtag.
> Perhaps if you have a number of hashtags you are looking for, you could
> "round robin" through all of them with a suitable delay between each one
> (still checking for duplicates)... or possibly check for the same hashtag at
> the same time each day if you are looking for some sort of frequency
> indicator. Alternatively add some sort of randomness to the date range per
> your example.
> Paul

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