I have exactly the same requirment and have addressed it with one oAuth 
token per product/user. Be careful, though, not to "park" any token names 
before you are ready to use them. I did that, not appreciateing that it was 
violating a Twitter "rule of the road", and ended up having several tokens 
suspended, including those that were in use by my clients. It was because I 
was effectively "reserving" names which could be used later by the "via" 
process which you mention. Twitter were very helpful in resolving this for 
me once I explained what I was doing, but it took a short while to get the 
matter resolved. It may be better (although more work for you) to have each 
oAuth token reside in the account of each of your users rather than in once 
central account. It always worries me that the actions of one user could 
lead to the suspension of thier oAuth token and then other unrelated tokens 
as as I have them all registered under one single account. (I have built 
into my code, by the way, limits on the number of DMs, Tweets per hour and 
repeat Tweets per 24 hours etc. so that these get stopped before they hit 
Twitter's servers in an attempt to minimise the risk of this).
Hope that helps!

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