Hi my name is William. While watching a half hour report on the news
one night about texting and driving across the nation, they spoke
about how it was becoming more of a problem as time passed. They said
people were involved in car accident some fatal some not, pedestrians
getting hit etc... Almost instantly the solution came to me. I came up
with an idea that could prevent people from texting while driving and
strongly believe it will be effective. I immediately contacted the
Gov. Patent office to set things in motion.  So now I found myself in
search of a programmer.  I’m reaching out to numerous associates and
companies for help on completing this task. There are different ways I
can go about this app, for instance, it could be an app that parents
could purchase for their children that drive. But then there are many
adults that need this app on their phones also because they too, text
while driving!  I even believe once this app is released that the
government may even implement it to be mandatory because it will deter
people from the use of their phone while driving making everybody
commute safer.
        The app is simple and I believe it will only take a week or two to
write. It will use features that are already used on phones by linking
two programs together. Like I said I have begun the patent process so
I’m willing to talk in more detail about it. I don’t know if I want to
find my own programmer and sale it myself or just sale the idea as
whole.  It will be profitable for sure whether it becomes mandatory or
parents buying it to keep their children safe on the roads.
        I can be reached at wbusine...@hotmail.com  / weez...@hotmail.com
I’m constantly searching and contacting people to assist me, and think
it’s just a matter of time before I reach out to the right people. I’m
truly excited about this app and can’t wait to see it being utilized.

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