Ah, that's a bit annoying...

I would of though that an application being able to send notifications
to a user was a fairly common requirment.

Thanks for the advice.

On Feb 3, 6:48 pm, Taylor Singletary <taylorsinglet...@twitter.com>
> Twitter's API doesn't really support the notion of an application having
> agency to send direct messages on its own. Direct messages are between two
> Twitter users.
> If you want your application to have an identity, it'll need to be a Twitter
> account also -- one that has approved your application. When you want your
> application to send a direct message to the user, you use the access token
> of your application's account.
> The gotcha here is that the user who is receiving the direct message needs
> to be following your application's user account. A common practice in this
> case is to suggest through a UI that the user follows that account to
> receive DMs. You must make the "following" aspect opt-in though.
> Taylor

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