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> The idea is basically for Company twitter pages.

> There are usually more than one member of a company so there is a lot
> of stuff different people want to say, if each employee had a member
> ID, they could post their own tweets under the same company name,

Hello Victoria,

I believe you can do this without any coding by using Drupal as a PHP Web
CMS, and installing the Twitter module.

The twitter modules work in two basic ways. You can either associate each
user with their own twitter account so that they can tweet things like "Hey,
I wrote a blog about what I do at http://mydrupalsite.com/node/123"; to their
OWN twitter account, or you can set up a global twitter account which they
all share.

Each user in the company who is authorized to use it is given permission to
post using that account.

Feel free to ask for more details off list.


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