Hello. I checked the bug ticket list, several pages back on this
discussion list and the FAQ - I don't see this particular issue
anywhere, but please forgive me if it has been discussed before (and
please point me towards the solution!)...


* I am using the TwitterOAuth PHP class from http://abrah.am
* I am creating a full Twitter client, not just a widget with my
latest tweets
* I am getting the home timeline from my app's Twitter account. So far
I have 1 tweet and am following only my personal account which has 66
* The page I'm testing with is a PHP page that only has a call to
"home_timeline" that then var_dump's the result - that's all it's
doing, nothing else
* I have tried this call with various parameters (as follows, where
$con is the TwitterOAuth object):

$con->get("statuses/home_timeline", array("include_rts" => true));
$con->get("statuses/home_timeline", array("include_rts" => true,
"count" => 20));


When I refresh the page, about 80% of the time I get 3 tweets: my app
account's 1 sent tweet and 2 from my personal account that are more
recent than that one. The other 20% of the time I get 19 tweets: those
3 plus 16 from my personal account from before my app account's one
sent tweet. These results remain consistent no matter what I try: it's
either 3 or 19, never 20.

My app account's home timeline on Twitter.com shows me 3, and has
never shown me more, no matter how often I refresh.

Is it my choice of PHP class? If so, is there a better option? And if
not, then what gives?!

Also, how many tweets *should* be returned? Twitter's website only
shows me 3, but what if I want to see tweets in my home timeline from
before I was "Twitter born"?

Thanks in advance! Craig

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