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Thanks for the tips Matt.

The people using this system definitely send the tweet when they
reach their final destination (they're run a food truck), and don't
use wifi. They are using both iPhone and Android phones to send these
tweets, so the only answer is that their devices must be sending
incorrect GPS data.

However... why should this happen when the iPhone Map application is
tracking accurately, at the same time when sending a status message to
Twitter? This is why I'm confused and wondering if actually there's a
process in between the device and Twitter that gets things muddled?

Especially as I get a completely different result when using Google
Latitude, also erratic (mostly incorrect) but in a completely
different way to Twitter's result.

Thanks again,

I can't help you with iPhone - don't have one - but I can tell you that as of a few weeks ago, Twitter's native Android client was *not* correctly sensing location in real time, even though all three (WiFi, GPS and Verizon 3G) on my Verizon Droid Incredible were correctly configured and functioning, and the native Google tools like Maps function correctly. This is in the Portland, Oregon metro area. I didn't try mobile.twitter.com or any of the third-party Twitter clients.

I've had spotty results with location on all Twitter clients on my Droid and have essentially given up. If I want to tweet with a correct location, I have to use my ChromeOS Cr-48 Notebook or my laptop running Linux via WiFi and often need to enter location manually.

I have neither the patience nor the tools to diagnose location issues with three vendors - Twitter, Verizon and Google! My belief is that both business and engineering partnerships between the three vendors will be required for correct functioning of Twitter location on my device. I suspect similar is required for iPhone - Apple, Twitter and AT&T must have a *formal* partnership arrangement for stuff to work. Meanwhile, I'd suggest that if you have the time, diagnose this as far as possible and file a bug on Twitter's site. *Maybe* it's simply a Twitter issue, but I rather doubt it, given the number of things I tried on my Droid before giving up.

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