I have a bunch of shortened urls which are resolved/redirected to full
urls by my webapp.



resolves to


When I tweet the short URL, sometimes the data-expanded-url attribute
is populated for the url and when I mouseover it I can see the full
url. However sometimes it is not populated, and there is no data-
expanded-url attribute at all!

I am wondering if anyone can shed some light onto why it would be so.

I am also thinking that this is affecting the counters on my tweet
buttons, as tweets that do have an URL with the data-expanded-url
attribute give a +1 for the counter, and those that do not have a data-
expanded-url don't.

Does something need to happen for the data-expanded-url value to
populate? Or perhaps there something wrong with some of my URLS?

Note: THe example URL above does have a data-expanded-url value.

Thanks in advance,


PS - Please let me know if you need any additional information from me
and it will be forthcoming!

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