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Some quick answers to a few specific points below:

That brings up an interesting question. Suppose I'm using a web-based
> service like HootSuite that *isn't* using Site Streams (at least, I think
> they aren't using Site Streams). They're then getting 350 API calls per hour
> via oAuth in the "znmeb" account from their IP address. Now I log on to
> Twitter using the standard web app from my workstation. Do I get another 350
> calls per hour because I have my own IP address, or are all IP addresses
> authenticated as "znmeb" sharing that 350?

With authentication, whitelisting works at the junction of a user and an
application. @znmeb using Twitter for iPhone has 350 requests per hour.
@znmeb using YoruFukurou has 350 requests per hour. Using one user request
in Twitter for iPhone does not effect the user quota for YoruFukurou.

> A related question - how far away from production is Site Streams, and is
> there a plan to "encourage" services like HootSuite to migrate to Site
> Streams? It seems like it would be a big win for them (and all the other
> web-based Twitter platforms).

Site Streams is nearing availability for general use -- there are a few more
t's to cross and i's to dot. In fact, HootSuite is currently a Site Streams
beta consumer.


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