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Hi Ed,

Some quick answers to a few specific points below:

With authentication, whitelisting works at the junction of a user and
an application. @znmeb using Twitter for iPhone has 350 requests per
hour. @znmeb using YoruFukurou has 350 requests per hour. Using one
user request in Twitter for iPhone does not effect the user quota for

Ah ... sounds good ... except for the "buy an iPhone part", anyhow ;-)

A related question - how far away from production is Site Streams,
and is there a plan to "encourage" services like HootSuite to migrate
to Site Streams? It seems like it would be a big win for them (and all
the other web-based Twitter platforms).

Site Streams is nearing availability for general use -- there are a
few more t's to cross and i's to dot. In fact, HootSuite is currently
a Site Streams beta consumer. 

Thanks! That's great news - I'm a HootSuite user again.

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