I've just been reading the messages on here wabout the whitelisting
changes, rate limits, streaming API etc and can only come to the
conclusion that the application we were just about to launch to our
users is going to have to be cancelled.

It's a simple application that uses DM to send notifications to users
based on real time events - these events being a purchase from their
hosted web store. It was only aimed a low-volume merchants, but even
if they each only have one transaction a day (and they get more than
that) then we would run out of the 250 message limit.

This decision to not entertain any form of whitelisting in the future
seems to me like it is going to impact a lot of developers. This is
not something we can use the streaming API for as we only send
messages, which the streaming API can not do. So we are stuck with
REST, and therefore stuck with an enforced extremely low limit on

As a direct result of this, we now have to cancel the launch of this
application. It was something that a couple of merchants had requestes
and we had said we would look into it. Up until recently it certainly
looked like an option we could give them, but now we are going to have
to go to them and say that it's actually no longer possible to send
them messages on twitter, and see if they have any other platform they
would prefer us to us instead.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to a way that it might be possible
to actually launch this app - it's something that our customers
requested, and it makes us look bad that we are going to have to say
'sorry, not possible to send mesasges to you on your preferred
messaging platform...'

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