If I remember correctly, Site Streams sends you a transaction only
when the user follows another user (adding to Following). It does not
send you a transaction when someone else follows that user (adding to
Followers). I don't know if this work the same in User Streams.
Clarification by Twitter will be appreciated.

On Feb 14, 12:38 pm, David Giamanco <dgiama...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I believe the new way to do this is to initially call the REST API to get
> all of the ids for the first time you process this user. Then you setup a
> User Stream on the user and process any requests that come in through there.
> For your uses, if you only show users the differences in follower counts
> then you don't need the initial call to the REST API to collect all ids. All
> you need is a count of the ids and then to initiate a User Stream. The User
> Stream will give you the differences in real time and you can store just the
> differences, instead of the entire set of ids.
> David Giamanco

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