* Taylor Singletary <taylorsinglet...@twitter.com> [110228 06:57]:
> Thanks for the reports -- we're looking into the timeout issue.

I've been seeing this, too. To combat it, I've set my request timeout to 
8 seconds and I use with Net::Twitter's RetryOnError trait (perl).

Last year, at Chrip, one of the speakers said Twitter's internal 
strategy is to timeout quickly and re-queue.  From my tests, it appears 
requests normally fail in 4-5 seconds with a 502 if they can't be 
fulfilled in that amount of time by the backend.

Taylor, can you confirm that? What is Twitter's internal cutoff? That 
would help me set an optimum request timeout on my end.

FWIW, the Net::Twitter RetryOnError strategy is to retry any request 
that fails with an HTTP status code >= 500.  It delays 250ms before the 
first retry and doubles the retry delay until it gets to 4 seconds.  If 
it still can't get a successful return, it throws an error at that 


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