Hello All,
I am working on a microblogging application like twitter.The
application has a timeline which shows messages by the logged in user
and his/her followers.Each message has a reply link.When I click on
the Reply link,a pop-up appears which has a text-area and a post
button.Below the text-area,the number of characters remaining to be
posted is displayed(maximum 400 characters allowed).
When I click on the Reply link,the username of the person to whom I am
replying should appear in the text-area in the following format
"@username:" (excluding the double quotes)
At the same time, number of characters corresponding to the displayed
text in text area should be subtracted from the maximum value and the
difference should be shown in 'characters remaining'

I want to know can javascript be used to implement the same.How is
this done in twitter?

Thanks in Advance.


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