Run this in the background - don't do it on page load if you can avoid
Also, if you are using PHP to compare the lists don't use array_diff
as this is very slow on large arrays.

On Mar 5, 8:14 am, amit debnath <> wrote:
> I have a site for twitter based tools. One of the options was to enable
> users see the people their non-friend-followers and non-follower-friends.
> The only way I could see to achieve this is to gather and store the complete
> list of followers and friends locally and calculate from that. This is done
> at the time of login(oAuth) . For small accounts it is working ok. But for
> large accounts (one of the accounts for testing with has a total number of  
> followers+friends > 30000) it is taking from 20 seconds to anything up to 2
> minutes(at 5000 per call, this is taking 6 calls).
> Looking for any suggestions to improve the performance

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