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I think I have my answer...I just happened to stumble upon these:


The namespacing makes these calls not super-intuitive; they're
actually lists of users, not statuses - they just happen to include
the latest status from each user as part of their data.

Maybe this will help out some other poor lost soul out there
somewhere :)

On Mar 5, 10:53 am, craigpierce <> wrote:
> I searched back, but didn't see anything on this (please feel free to
> tell me I'm wrong and point me to the answer)...
> Also, someone else *just* raised a similar question, but not exactly
> the same, so I'm not going to hijack their thread...
> The call to get a user's friends/followers ids returns paged results
> up to 5000 ids at a time, but the call to actually get anything useful
> about users (lookup) only accepts 100 ids at a time.
> A) Can anyone tell me why this is built like this
> B) Can anyone suggest a better paging system
> I'd rather not build my own system for paging user lists 100 users at
> a time if I don't have to - and I'm really hoping I don't have to...
> Thanks! Craig

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