Essentially, I'd like to know how rate limiting on the streaming API

As a research group at a large university, we want to collect data
from Twitter for various different projects.
Some involve setting different bounding boxes for location queries,
and some involve tracking different keywords.

For example, we have one project that looks at tweets in the US, and
another project that looks at
tweets in Switzerland.

I would not like the data gathering for one project to affect another
project. If I'm rate limited depending on how much data my single
connection to the data stream receives - this would affect all
projects. If this is the case, can I make multiple connections to the
streaming API? The IP addresses would be similar but not the same.
Since the projects are different, the accounts would be different too.
I find the description of rate limiting and multiple connections on
the Streaming API documentation a little confusing.

Note: We considered buying data from Gnip, but they don't support the
bounding box location queries.

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