As a side note, currently only 3-4% of the total tweets (firehose) are
geo-tagged and are eligible to be selected in a stream location
bounding box. If the current firehose rate is about 140M tweets/day,
that makes ~5M eligible tweets/day.

I do not know what the proportion of tweets from the US is but I would
think 50% seem reasonable and would result in ~2.5M tweets/day. Even
if we lower that proportion, your 50 000 tweets/day seems way off.

There are 3 possibilities, 1) you are being rate limited more than you
think, 2) your bounding box is wrong or 3) your bounding box is too
large and Twitter has reduced it somehow. I remember I read somewhere
in the api doc that each bounding box could not be more than 1 degree
square "enough to cover most metropolitan areas" - but I cannot find
that back.


On Mar 31, 4:08 pm, Data Gatherer <> wrote:
> We have a bounding box set for the United States. Even though it's a
> large box, we only receive about 50,000 tweets a day. However, I see
> that we get rate limited at least once a week already. The box is
> large, but the number of matching results is fairly low.  Knowing how
> the rate limiting works more specifically would be important when
> trying to gather data for other projects (more bounding boxes, other
> keywords).
> On Mar 31, 3:50 pm, Jeremy Dunck <> wrote:
> > On Thu, Mar 31, 2011 at 2:48 PM, Augusto Santos <> wrote:
> > > No it won't. Streaming has rate limit with around 1% of firehose, if your
> > > search term os too much generic.
> > > If your search term or bouding box get too many tweets, you will start
> > > receive 'limit' status message as doc said.
> > >
> > Sure, I understand that, I just meant to say that 1% of all tweets is
> > a lot (140M average per day now).
> > If your terms are not very general, you have a lot of head room.

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