I've been looking at the ratelimiting response headers and have found
some documentation, but nothing that provides me with sample values
and what they mean.

I'm developing an application in ColdFusion and using scribe (in java)
for the OAuth library.

I'm getting the headers back fine (at least X-RateLimit-Reset, I
haven't hit the ratelimit for Search to see what it looks like yet)
and I can read them in.  That isn't the problem.  What I'm having
difficulty with is what the number that actually comes back.

It appears to be a specific time in Seconds since 1/1/1970, but when I
do the calculations, regardless of if i've hit the rate-limit I always
get a time back that is 1 hour in the future.  I feel like I'm just
making a stupid mistake and overlooking something, but any help that
you can provide would be much appreciated.


Tom McConlogue

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