I am building a web application using sign-in with twitter and upon signed 
in I am showing user's friends & followers. It's not another twitpic like 
service but in the vertical market (CRM space).

Since sign-in process api calls are authenticated hence will be charged to 
the respective user (I am ok here) But *the real problem is rate-limiting on 
the the friends/followers list* because "GET statuses/friends" (
http://dev.twitter.com/doc/get/statuses/friends) calls do not requires 
authentication and calls are deducted from the calling hosts IP address 
allowance (my website) which are permitted 150 requests per hour which my 
website will reach in few minutes.

Earlier I could have asked for the *white-listing* from twitter but it's not 
offered anymore. This features (friends/followers list) is very very 
important features on my website and without this my website will be 
toothless. Hence I'm very very frustrated. Can somebody help me how do 
resolve this issue? 

Thanks in advance.

A Kumar.

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