I've been doing some research on this, and just wanted to confirm that
this is what needs to happen in order to develop an iPhone app that
has a page which allows a user to simply login to Twitter, then tweet
a quick message to their "wall" (no other Twitter functionality is
needed, this is a very small feature of a large application).  This
may be as simple as a "yes" or "no" question, but I just wanted to
confirm before I say this needs to happen, to this client:

1) Client must create Twitter account and then create/register an app
2) Client must send me, the developer, the Consumer Key/Secret
3) Client must send an email to a...@twitter.com to get approval for
the app to use XAuth
4) Once "approved", then I can develop against that app to authorize
and allow users to share to their wall

Is there an easier way to go about this functionality, or is this the
path that must be taken?  Either way is fine, just wanted to make
sure.  Thanks for any help with this, as I am very new to using the
Twitter API.


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