There are two possible issue you are having..

Most likely you simply need to append the network transport AFTER all
signatures have been generated. If you append it before, then those
additional characters are being included in the signature but the
BlackBerry does not actually send that part of the connection string
to anyone, it is only used internally.

Less likely but possible, the WIFI you are using is routing you
redirecting to you a landing page to login to the WIFI access.

--Naveen Ayyagari

On Apr 13, 12:41 pm, Mickey <> wrote:
> Hi
> On blackberry with httpConnection, I need to add network transport
> string such as ";interface=wifi" to the url.
> The problem is, once I added the network transport string, I get 401
> unauthorized for status update and GET statuses/user_timeline.
> If I remove the transport string, then I can POST updates and GET
> statuses everything runs fine.
> So it seems the request I'm sending to twitter api is correct.
> Is there anything special with the transport string that might cause
> problems?

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