Still receiving 401 during update status.

There are 2 parts of my code that uses the HttpConnection where I was
adding connection transport string.
1. To get the OAuth access token. The end point is "https://".
I removed the code to add transport string here. So my signature
should not contain the transport string.

2. Doing an update, the URL thus becomes "
The result is still 401.

Any idea?


On Apr 13, 4:04 pm, Naveen <> wrote:
> There are two possible issue you are having..
> Most likely you simply need to append the network transport AFTER all
> signatures have been generated. If you append it before, then those
> additional characters are being included in the signature but the
> BlackBerry does not actually send that part of the connection string
> to anyone, it is only used internally.
> Less likely but possible, the WIFI you are using is routing you
> redirecting to you a landing page to login to the WIFI access.
> --Naveen Ayyagari
> SocialScope
> On Apr 13, 12:41 pm, Mickey <> wrote:
> > Hi
> > On blackberry with httpConnection, I need to add network transport
> > string such as ";interface=wifi" to the url.
> > The problem is, once I added the network transport string, I get 401
> > unauthorized for status update and GET statuses/user_timeline.
> > If I remove the transport string, then I can POST updates and GET
> > statuses everything runs fine.
> > So it seems the request I'm sending to twitter api is correct.
> > Is there anything special with the transport string that might cause
> > problems?

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