I am new to Twitter development. I have a relatively simple control
(ASP.NET) that grabs the list of tweets of my account.

When I test it on my development environment (my PC, visual studio
2008) it works fine, I get the list of tweets. I deployed the control
on the website (still not quite online but in a staging server with an
URL I would rather not publish) then I get a Bad Request (400)

I always get code 400 on the staging/production that is on a shared
webhosting, and I always get it working fine locally. I have done at
most 15 requests and it being a low traffic site, and the twitter
control being on a page that is not often requested, I would say the
amount of requests made would be rather small.

I know for sure that *I* have not made enough requests to get blocked
on the account of limits. So my question is what should I do? what
would be the purpose of developing a webhosted twitter application
(even if it is low traffic) if it is going to get "black listed"
because of the cumulative requests of the shared hosting IP address (I
think they host hundreds of accounts on it).

Hopefully some enlightened soul leaves a good constructive answer, I
don't want to spend more time on it if this is going to prove useless.

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