I need to set up an automatic retweeting capability for a client who
wants to hold debates on Twitter. The basic idea is that 10-20 people
would be tweeting using a predefined tag. My code would follow all of
these users with the streaming API, and any tweets they send with this
tag would be retweeted by an account that acts as the aggregator for
all the debaters. They only want tweets from these users to be
retweeted. This means that anyone who wants to follow the debate could
just follow the aggregation account. This is better than using search
to follow a tag, because only tweets by the specified users would be
retweeted. Anyone could read this debate, but only specific users
could add to the debate.

My question is how many tweets can be retweeted by a single account in
an hour? The docs are predictably obscure:
"The Update Limit of 1,000 updates per day is further broken down into
semi-hourly intervals. If you hit your account update limit, please
try again in a few hours after the limit-period has elapsed."

Does this mean that within 1 hour only 1000/24 = 42 retweets could be
sent? Or does it mean something else?

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