Well it's taken 7 weeks, but I finally got an email basically saying
we weren't accepted onto the beta program.

Fair enough - it is a beta, least we can make other plans now.


On Apr 19, 12:39 am, Mamadou Bobo Diallo <dia...@gurumades.com> wrote:
> We are all waiting for Site Stream whitelisting. The issues here is
> that you are stuck not knowing either you should invest more time in
> building a product "you never tested". Unfortunatly, site stream is
> the only  API on which our product make sense building on.
> So let have finger crossed and hope we'll get one day an email from
> twitter.
> On 18 avr, 08:10, David W <d_wy...@yahoo.com> wrote:
> > I'm intrigued - has anyone else been given Site Streams access in the
> > last month?  We signed the Terms of Service over a month ago and have
> > heard nothing since, despite asking here, via email and via
> > @SiteStreams
> > I'm interested to know whether all applications have been frozen or
> > whether it's just ours for unknown reasons.
> > Thanks,
> > dw.

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