Twitter has provisioned a way for developers to handle this Dev
issue.  Add to your hosts file "", and use as the
IP.  Then use as the prefix with whatever files you
develop locally, e.g,

Register your new app at Twitter:

Then, go to and click on the given app
you made, and click on "My Access Token", and copy both the token and
token secret.  Populate your app with those.

That way, when you access your local development server via
the call back won't really happen, instead you will hardwire your app
to use the token and token secret, which you just got from the web site.  You can then build if-then branches - if, use my development tokens; otherwise, the real callback
process and get the user token and token secret and initialize

It takes time and research to master the process, but it's fun.  Good


On Apr 22, 3:02 am, kite <> wrote:
> Hello,
> I want to create a website using the twitter API (through linq to
> twitter) for schooling purpose, but I do not have a server to host it.
> How can I still make my application work when running locally? I can't
> fill the "website url" and "callback url" since I host the site on my
> own computer, on my local network.
> Cordially,
> KiTe

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