Actually, let me start with what I don't want to see:
1. Announcements of really cool features coming in the future, because
we won't believe that they will ever appear (how are annotations
coming along?).
2. Promises of greatly increased rate limits, because every
announcement of that in the past failed to materialize.
3. Anything that is intended to wow us with the amazing future of what
is back in the lab. See #1.
4. Biz Stone telling amusing anecdotes of all the famous people who
have used Twitter. The story about the guy getting arrested in Egypt
is moving, but we already watch the Daily Show.

What is really needed is honest discussions about how to create better
channels of communication between developers and the Twitter staff.
Right now there is nothing beyond this forum. And yes, Taylor and Matt
do a great job here. But outside this forum it has become accepted
practice to ignore requests and say there isn't enough time to

I realize that there are millions of users who post silly questions on
the support forum, but there has to be a higher level of access that a
real developer can call on. If you held open discussions where other
ways of communicating problems and suggested improvements could be
hashed out, that would do a lot to improve the relationship with

The other thing that is needed is a discussion of how developer can
become partners in mutually beneficial business relationships. No, we
don't all have millions in VC, but collectively we influence millions
of users, and we do that at no cost to Twitter. That is worth

Finally, how about an open source process for creating docs and
tutorials. I won't mention how bad the current docs are. What is more
amazing is how incorrect they are. How about a real wiki that
developers can contribute to.

If you learn more from us than we learn from you, you will have run
the right kind of event.

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