Hi Brian,

Could you explain and clarify the policy on web/mobile?

Use case:
Build iOS app first. Depot to Android. Add web app after both iOS and
Android app are released

How many Twitter apps do I have to create? Can I keep them the same
name for the same startup?

On May 5, 11:45 am, Brian Sutorius <bsutor...@twitter.com> wrote:
> We recommend separate application registrations for each platform
> (http://support.twitter.com/articles/79901) and this is the approach
> we take (web, Twitter for iPhone, Twitter for Android, and so on). You
> may not use the exact same name across multiple applications, however.
> Brian Sutorius
> Twitter API Policy
> On May 5, 9:01 am, YCBM <youcannotb...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi All,
> > When an existing web app that is setup and registered on Twitter
> > decides to launch a mobile extension, what are the best practices
> > involved here with oauth?
> > Are there may be benefits of registering a new app on Twitter with all
> > new API key & Consumer Secret/Key than what you are using for the web
> > app?  Does it provide any more security in any way to have both the
> > web app and mobile app using separate keys?
> > If so, can you register a mobile app with the same name as one that
> > exists (assuming you own both)?  We'd like the source name of status
> > updates to come from the same name as our web app/brand if possible.
> > That may not be possible, not sure.
> > Any guidance is greatly appreciated.
> > Best,
> > YCB

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