> I do social media strategy and monitoring freelance work, so I've
> recently dipped my toes into programming with Python and the Twitter
> API to build some simple applications for clients to perform some
> basic custom functions & queries without having to dish out tons of
> money for some of the expensive social media monitoring tools out
> there.
> Of twitter users who mention "Term A", what are the additional terms
> that they frequently mention. Sort of like eCommerce systems that show
> "users who bought A, also frequently purchased B, C and D".



BigSheets is a twitter analytic tool from IBM that seems to me like it
could make this process simpler.
"Barnes shows how the tool mined Twitter for tweets that mentioned the
smartphone terms: iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. He then tracked the
tweets for sentiment."

I figure there is a need for a tool that makes stream text analytics
simpler from a statistical point of view.

- Mohan


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