Hi, everybody.

Does anyone know if there's somehow i can get the user logged status
with his Twitter's account with some PHP or Javascript script?

I'm using the TwitterOath's php class to get the user's information,
and merge these informations with my website login.
That is ok, i did it, but i want to know if the user is logged into
Twitter when he access my website and "auto-login".

I'm thinking to create a cookie to storage user's twitter id or
screen_name with md5() and verify when he access my website if he is
logged in his Twitter Account.

http://www.huffingtonpost.com does something similar i want, once the
Twitter's user authorized my app clicking on Twitter's button on the
right side of login button it logs in automatically, you don't have to
authorize the app everytime you want to log into the website.

I searched the web and didn't found anything.


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