Hi all,

I've been using the Stream API over the past few days. I left it running for
about 2 hours yesterday and noticed that I was receiving the throttle
response codes - saying I had missed X number of tweets. Eventually my API
HTTP request was just timing out. I assume I had been completely throttled
off. I'm using the filter query with less than 5 keywords.

I turned it off immediately and was able to get back on the Stream API a few
minutes later without being throttled at all.

My question is, what am I supposed to do when I see that I am being
throttled? From reading the docs, I see that I can be throttled if my
bandwidth can't handle the Stream. This is probably why I am being throttled
since I don't think I'd be throttled for simply leaving the Stream open for
2 hours, would I? When I see a throttle message, should I disconnect and
wait 30 seconds or so and then reconnect? I was reluctant to do this because
I read that I can be banned entirely for reconnecting too often. It sounds
to me like reconnecting shouldn't be required.


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