Hello Twitterati!!!

I'm writing a Twitter feed tool to help me complete my grad thesis
(would be happy to share it, this is non-commercial) and the one
problem I have now is how do I get a single, historical status
returned to me in json format?  If someone could reply with the get
syntax for getting a single status that would be great. I found a get
command for direct messages, but these are just plain old statuses
that I need, so the direct message get does not work for me (i.e. GET /
1/direct_messages/show/:id.{format} )

And if anyone from Twitter is out there listening, the crazy limit you
put on "from:" search queries is why I need an individual status get.
Why do so few records get returned with a "from:" query? Are you folks
worried someone will make a copycat site using "from:"?  This limit is
making it really hard to finish my research.  I am comparing all the
tweets from 60 users with the mentions of those tweets in the greater
community. I can search the last few days of cached data just fine for
the mentions (searching on @users) but I get almost nothing back when
I search with "from:". The "from:" results in some cases include only
1 day of data. So I am continually missing out on the original status
message, while I can see everyone's response to the message with no
problem.  The from: limit is really painful. Can you help me out? I
would really like to graduate while I am still young.  For now I can
manually look up each status I miss, so how do I get the status (in
JSON, I don't want to scrape the author's page, which I guess would be
my fall back approach)

Jim Skinner
Santa Clara University

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