On 18 Mai, 14:08, Anil Chawla <ani...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Our application is experiencing the exact same problem. The block API
> call often works but will consistently fail when trying to block
> certain accounts. For example, one of our users reported the error
> when trying to block @divadmarketing. I was able to recreate when
> trying to block this same user from my own account (no offense to the
> person who owns this account). Perhaps you will be able to recreate
> against this account too?

I was the user who complained to Anil about this and would like to
add, that it is in no way whatsoever limited to the divadmarketing
account, which cannot be blocked. I find, that it is the majority of
users, who cannot be blocked via the API.

An incomplete list of other accounts, which couldn't be blocked:

- pkvneutral24
- PaulaTrumbo
- AlexanderHeinzl
- aprohirdetesekc
- _Geldverdienen_
- SpeedAdvertise

Just wanted to add this, to make it clear that the scope is not one
particular strange account, but is much wider.


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