Gentle Twitter Support Folks,

        There is an ambiguity in the OAuth flow for mobile devices. As I now 
have little time to move from xAuth to OAuth, I would appreciate it if Twitter 
Support would confirm the following OAuth flow which uses your routes.

1) Use "POST oauth/request_token" to get the access token needed for the user 
web dialog.

2) Upon receiving the request token, open a web view using "GET 
oauth/authorize". This is the ambiguous path for mobile devices. It is 
specified that this path must be used for desktop devices. As a mobile device 
is really a wireless desktop device, I believe Twitter wants me to use this 
route in lieu of "GET oauth/authenticate". Other vendors also allow the 
specification of whether this is a mobile device. They then provide a web 
authorization dialog appropriate for a narrow screen. It does not appear that 
Twitter offers this functionality. Could you please confirm this? Finally, as 
my app runs on an iPad, what is the preferred web view width? (To support both 
portrait and landscape orientations, it needs to be less than 768 pixels. 600 
pixels is a common, Apple suggested, width.) Could you please enlighten me to 
what is Twitter's preferred authorization web view width?

3) Use "GET oauth/authenticate" to acquire the access token and access secret.

4) As I haven't yet requested my new consumer key and, hence, do not know some 
things, will I also be maintaining a consumer secret for my OAuth signature 

        Thank you for your support.


P.S. Thank you for the two week extension for our xAuth to OAuth transition. 
Because Apple may still reject my app for unrelated to Twitter issues, four 
weeks is still a totally inadequate period to ensure a zero downtime 
transition. Please recognize both the risks to our business and the hardship 
you are imposing on small organizations. Furthermore, Apple's WWDC conference 
occurs in the middle of your current conversion schedule, this only allows me, 
in effect, 3 weeks to make this change. You can really hurt us with your 
imposed schedule. While I doubt that is your intent, it is, nonetheless, a 
likely outcome. Please double, at least, your conversion period to 8 weeks. 

Andrew W. Donoho
Donoho Design Group, L.L.C., +1 (512) 750-7596,

"When you can't imagine how things are going to change, 
    that doesn't mean that nothing will change.
        It means that things will change in ways that are unimaginable."
            Bruce Sterling, January 02, 2009

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